the heart is a fist

it pockets prayer or holds rage.

What I mean is, we stood on the bank of the river under the trees, the pair of us, and we promised the nothing that was there, the nothing that made us, the nothing that was listening, that we truly desired to go beyond ourselves. And that's the message. That's it. That's all.


July 20th 2000 - Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His parents had a humble amount of savings from John's Cazerns days. He spent the first few years of his life in San Juan. He didn't have more or less than his peers, but he was remarkably different. Theo was many things they weren't. Small, asian, shy, half alien, homostia. From a young age he took refuge in drawing, his family, cartoons and old second hand video games. He had always had the ability to play with reflections, and even see through mirrors through another side - something his family didn't quite understand wasn't just a sign of his overactive imagination.

August 2006 - Theo can still remember the hammering of the wind and rain against his window. It was late, storming, the room shouldn't have been as full of moonlight as it was, he shouldn't even be awake. Was he awake? In the strange land of the inbetween, Theo looked at the mirror across his bedroom that flashed white at lightening struck. The sheen would always seem to come a fraction of a second before and last a fraction of a second longer. Through the flickering of the encroaching storm and the slow blinks of sleepy eyes, Theo saw a figure getting closer. Shadowy and tall, familiar somehow. He should've been scared, should've screamed, gotten up, ran, gotten his parents. But Theo stayed, almost as if entranced as the mirror seemed less like an object in his room and more like the entire place around him.

January 2007 - John and Aeriavik worried more and more as Theo looked scared at nothing at times, and would sometimes be heard asking the Red Man to go away, or questioning if he was there or not. Theo's powers had been wildly growing throughout the months and he would often become frightened at nothing there. It wasn't until Theo started seemingly vanish from time to time, coming back with scuffed knees or small injuries that they pressed for answers. The truth was more horrifying than what they had expected. Aeriavik and Kseniat only knew enough to assume that Mscivoi's grip on Stranstve was expanding far beyond just their realms and Theo played some part in his plan for conquest. They all helped him as they could - to control what was bubbling within him, to keep him safe. Leviare joined their quest to aid Theo and keep him safe where they couldn't. The Guardian did not hold more knowledge than the rest, but he did know this: The Red Man was not just a haunting visage. He was there, and he needed Theo for something.

March 2007 - The family moves to New Mexico has his father is transfered to start new work. Theo is a shy and awkward addition to the spring semester and he does not have better luck meeting new people and making friends. Both of his parents start teaching him what they can of their own powers, which in turn helps him grow more sure of his hold on his Mirror World. Leviare would always be by his side, in life and dimensions, teaching him what he could of how to navigate powers neither parent knew how to hold.

June 2009 - His father's job takes them to Massachusetts. School is rough and unremarkable and the highlights of Theo's days are taekwondo and training days with his parents, drawing and playing video games until way too late at night. During the summer around the time he turns 10, Theo is at the beach with his grandmother when he notices the waves moving in unfamiliar patterns. He returns alone a few times after, drawn to the way the water works in his less frequented patch of water. He has a feeling not everything is as it seems. There had been stories all summer about boats and men going missing near here with no signs of bad weather of foul play. Against all better judgement but all curiosity, Theo gets in, Leviare on his shoulder when the water seems to come alive. It's his first battle outside of a practice room and once he comes ashore, in his hands is a cerluean shard whose multifaceted reflection holds a smiling elemental. This is the first of many small battles he faces throughout the years with Leviare by his side. Theo brings back the shard to the mirror realm, where it comes alive and thanks him - telling him a hazy story of being trapped one day, all of a sudden, and being robbed of knowing how to return where they should until now.

May 2011 - Moving to Texas never seemed like a good idea until long after the summer. His parents knew Herbert and Takuya from John's Cazerns days and they help get Theo into the same school as their children, despite the tuition fees he knows as soon as he enters are too much for his family to afford. Theo actually starts to have a social life in Roman, and a friend who he can talk to about the anomaly that is his life. He's not very good at sharing the information, but Roman was always there by his side to help him when a shard awakened nearby.

September 2013 - Theo had always been a good, well behaved child - but the news of moving to Michigan resulted in a few slammed doors. There was no resisting what needed to happen. Although his father was being asked to travel to New York or California to help train new recruits, his main source of income and passion remained the same, so moving was a necessity. Theo was once again friendless and stranded in a place where no one even bothered to like him. He started playing more and more League of Legends, online fantasy games, and making friends through there instead. His adventures felt lonely and punishing at times, his family did what they could to help him and Roman would do his best to come visit and even come by and help when he could despite the distance.

August 2015 - California was a huge change from anywhere he had lived before. Theo thought it would be more of the same, if not worse. He was definitely not the kind of cool California kids were. Thanks to his parents, he started making a small crew of friends in Luster and then Daye. His online friendships grew stronger and he felt more comfortable taking part in extracurricular activities. It was never easy - school would often be interrupted by shards or bullies trying to get in his way. Through all of this, the presence of the Red Man never diminished. His looming figure would stalk his dreams, appear in reflections and stalk his dimension at random. The Red Man would talk to him at times, urging him to seek power, to grow stronger, to waste less time and conquer.

July 2018 - John and Aeriavik were not surprised when Theo, at 14, informed them he was going to be a Cazern like his father. They worried for their son - who never fully grew out of his shyness, his general unease around those he didn't know he could trust, his endless particularities. But they also knew of his might, his goodness, his unending need to right the wrong that existed not only in him, but around him. Theo moved to New York as his streaming career started taking off, many moving parts coming together to make a life that wasn't easy to lead but he would fight to make it entirely his own. Through his earnings, he was able to provide a more comfortable life for his family.



The original title of 'The Heart' has long been lost, erased from the books and the minds of those old enough to remember. The books of order once stated that it was not blood that birthed power, but fate. The royals had their role in the lay of the land, but so did the people. Perhaps, more so. Each title of high power was awarded to those who at age 6 awoken their truth as the dimensions opened up to grant them their heritage.

Each role was not a heritage of blood, but of stardom. Although many tried to ensure their young would be born at the right time, under the right stars, divination could never accurately predict how to produce the next heir to the next title. It was never a question of a single cluster of nebula within a single spance of a universe within a certain period of time. Each role depended on multiple dimensions with millions of galaxies with billions of stars. Even prophets could only acertain a single truth - the coming of the next heir to a title that was ready to bear a new name.

These ancient texts would speak of how the knowledge and prestige was passed down from the elder to the next in line. A time would come when the chosen would travel where they needed to go, as guided by fate, to meet their duty. The weaving of worlds and walking through doorways was a part of every brick that made up how Stranstve had always functioned.

Mscivoi always had issue with the fact a world so malleable and ever growing could be at once, so set in stone. They were people of unmatchable abilities, if they only cast themselves outside their borders for more than diplomacy and curiosity. What use is a venture if it did not come with a gain? Such thoughts were not entirely uncommon with his title. The Heart. The bringer of blood. The guard of protection. Mscivoi was born to be the heart of Stranstve - perhaps the most honorable and rarest of titles amongst them all. The previous holder had kept the peace, ensured protection and balance of the land for long enough that common history forgot the title had ever been held by another.

When being taught, Mscivoi loathed the constant comparison that loomed alongside the soft and meaningless teachings. He wanted nothing more than this power but nothing less than everything everyone spouted it was meant to be. But he was a smart man. Kept his head down and made friends in all the wrong places. Mostly those from outside who came to visit - usually to marvel but at times, to crave what had never been reaped and sown from these peaceful lands.

Time went as it did - barely noticed by most but still felt by many. Mscivoi learnt all he could - from the acting Red, from those who held other titles, diplomats, dimensions within and forbidden reach, books of old and new. As his knowledge grew, so did his tricks. Mscivoi had learnt the trust of those he could with the help of those no one should trust. Learnt arcane dark tricks that broke apart what should be shared so it could be owned instead. It is with this power, this influence, that in secrecy he killed his predecessor in secrecy and the next day wore his crown.

The rest of the story has not been lost - it still lives on in the minds of the few that have survived the full duration of his reign and those who have been granted the tale of his story. Mscivoi played his part while never showing his infinite hands under infinite tables. He gathered minds who fell into the trappings of promises of more - of power - of titles and strength that had been denied to them by the stars. Armed those many with gilded weapons to hold throughout the outer lands. The take over wasn't a swift one - it was slow and calculated and far from a mess. One by one, the dimensions fell into his grasp. Dozens of chosen trapped in his hold or broken apart just so he could use their power against the ones once protected.

As the outer worlds collapsed, the battle for core control was a messier one. The royals, the masses of people, the council of chosen, none gave up easy. The fight spread through time and space and yet Mscivoi seemed impossible to defeat. Power was never wholly ceased, factions of resistance and organized rebellions remained. They tried to learn what Mscivoi had learnt and use it against him only to face failure time and time again. Simultaneously, unrest grew amongst the people. Rebellions started to occur as no one rose to take on the titles stolen. None who were promised were given so.

It was then that Mscivoi enacted the last part of his plan. The forgetting. It was not enough to rid the world of scriptures and literature and academics. Mscivoi went after fountains of knowledge, went after the dimensional strands of lore, arcana, sciences, history, went after the heart of it all and left nothing but himself in its stead. Only few of the most powerful retained at least the memories of the truths of their lives and his role within it. The knowledge of the stars, of fate, of the weaving structure the world had once held had been lost. One truth remained - the good people of Stranstve deserved better than the dictatorship that was bringing withering the land, through dimension and time.

In order to banish Mscivoi from Stranstve, all powers left remaining and untraced came together to cast him out. Due to the Mscivoi's own hold on the lands of Stranstve, this had an unintended ricochette effect due to Mscivoi's own mirror weilding abilities which resulted in all portals and connections between the lands to be severed. In attempting to make it impossible for the Mscivoi to return, they also made it impossible to exit the realms. Only some extraordinarly powerful individuals were still able to travel between lands, the rest of the lands remained severed from one another. Unbeknownst to Clarissa, Kseniat and Aeriavik - this same occurance lead them to switch places with one another. As Fate would have it, they were both travelling across dimensions at the same time which resulted in an exchange when the dimensional portals were shutting down.

Banished but not dead, Mscivoi traveled through dimensions as he shut his path behind him - looking through the stars and the knowledge only he posessed to find the future vessel that could one day bring him back. It like this that he landed on Earth - undetected as shards shattered away from him in the effort and he broke apart, sacrificing the whole of him for a chance to reclaim it all. The last of him slipped through a yet unclaimed dimension, waiting for the chance to once again awaken when there was enough power to fall him forth.


Started out the summer before his senior year. He had just moved somewhere new, had no friends, was too shy to speak to anyone and decided to just start streaming a few games of League of Legends. A few streams lead to making a few friends, which lead to more and more people watching until things seemed to sky rocket throughout his senior year. By the time he graduated, he had a sizeable following and career. He splits his streams, vods and highlights of the streams according to different segments with specific names.

SOFT VICTORIES Weekly gaming streams that usually consist of League of Legends on weekdays (2 to 3 hours on average), Among Us lately during the weekends, and any game that's big at the moment or sponsors.

T3DDY PICKED Every 2 weeks he has a his subscribers vote on which old video game and new video game he should try. He's known for his replays of old RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games and reviews of recently released games. If the game has a good reception, it's added to his roster of streamed games.

N3RD SH!T Youtube exclusive highlight clips of him participating in Danger Zone - he's currently a part of 2 of the tabletop roleplays being run out of Ziven's podcast. Alongside Ziven, Reed and Jenkins, Theo participates in Mimic Chests (Final Fantasy based game). Theo is also a part of a horror/zombie survival game (technically inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill) called Silent Evil.

DOODLE BUG Every Friday Theo does a drawing stream. The streams can vary from him working on stuf for his illustration classes or finishing a piece for Danger Zone (Theo illustrates all their original characters and helps out in doodling some world building). If blocked or bored, he'll ask the chat for suggestions of what to draw. He sometimes does charity streams where he'll draw anything for 10$+ (as long as it doesn't break TOS).

T3DDY TALKS Any portion of the stream where Theo isn't playing or doing anything in specific but just talking openly with his chat. Every so often he'll do these, talk to people and share his own experiences or anecdotes of his life. He'll invite friends on as well and have them lead the Teddy Talks.

OUT AND ABOUT Every so often, Theo will upload a vlog on his second channel - W!LDT3DDY. They usually feature the rare times he's gone on vacation (usually travelling to Puerto Rico to visit family), day in the life type content, challenges with friends, and dance or training clips.


  • Despite moving around, his Puerto Rican accent remains strong when relaxed or excited.
  • Listens to music he can move to, high or low energy but it can't be something too far either end of the spectrum.
  • Loves snacks - anything that comes in plastic and is known to be bad for you, he's a fan.
  • Has social anxiety thanks to being picked on as the new, nerdy kid and feeling different from his peers.
  • Surprisingly high alcohol tolerance but does get a strong asian glow when he drinks.
  • LOVES cats, he's a fan of all cute animals but has always had a soft spot for felines.
  • Has a smattering of freckles everywhere, but a strong concentration of them on the left side of his neck, shoulder and back, wrapping down to his ribcage.
  • Meet Joe Black
  • Stranger than Fiction
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • A Wrinkle in Time
  • The Science of Sleep
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • The Princess Bride
  • Stardust
  • Big Fish
  • Toys
  • John Carter
  • Unicorn Store
  • 5cm per Second
  • Beginners
  • Cloud Atlas
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  • Walking in the Rain
  • Amelie
  • Your Name
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Ondine
  • Spirited Away
  • Shutter Island
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • The Adjustment Bureau
  • 2046
  • Golden Compass
  • Fan of most Ghibli movies
  • Wonder Woman (circa 1975)
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Daredevil
  • Good Place
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Anime in general
  • League of Legends
  • Final Fantasy X and X-2 (but loves all FF)
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Zelda
  • Resident Evil
  • Paper Mario
  • Pokemon
  • Suikoden III
  • Dragon Age
  • Mass Effect